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Krónan Supermarket & Grocery Store

Kronan is here for you by providing the best, fresh produce and more of the affordable products you need. We aim to promote a healthy lifestyle that is accessible and affordable. We take steps to encourage you to go for the healthier option when possible.

Pssst..that´s why we:

  • Don’t tempt you by placing candy by our cash registers.

  • Offer you to fill a bag with your favorite pieces fruit for a discount.

  • Make sure that you’re greeted with our great selection of fruits and vegetables as soon as you walk into our store.

  • Strive to offer affordable organic options for your benefit and that of the planet’s!

Opening hours

Our stores are open at flexible hours, for your convenience. More information about our stores, locations and opening hours (in Icelandic). Also, don´t hesitate to google "Krónan" and find a store that is near you.

Krónan – Around the Corner

We operate a variety of discount grocery stores around the country, mainly in the capital city and along the South Coast.  Krónan is conveniently located in almost every neighbourhood in the capital area, making it one of the most accessible supermarket chains in Reyjavík.

Find the nearest store.