Krónan Supermarket & Grocery Store

Sometimes the world seems to be against us. The weather sucks, the kids are fighting, and the car won’t be fixed for another week. Nice to know that at least Kronan is always cheap, fresh and fully stocked with over 8,000 items!

Our stores are located throughout the greater Reykjavík area and beyond

Getting the kids off to school, working a whole day, going to the supermarket, cooking, cleaning, putting the kids to bed, then having five minutes to yourself before it all starts again is quite a feat. Kronan is there to help you out by being cheap, providing the best, fresh produce and more of the products you need.

Wallet Friendly Wholesomeness

You shouldn’t need to be wealthy to be healthy and that’s why we aim to promote a healthy lifestyle that is accessible and affordable. We take steps to encourage you to go for the healthier option when possible.

That’s why we…

…don’t tempt you by placing candy by our cash registers.
…offer you to fill a bag with your favorite pieces fruit for a discount.
…make sure that you’re greeted with our great selection of fruits and vegetables as soon as you walk into our store.
…strive to offer affordable organic options for your benefit and that of the planet’s!

This is us…

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Something for Everyone!

– Vegan and Free From Food

Everyone deserves a flavorful meal and a delicious dessert, despite having dietary restrictions because of health or lifestyle. That is why we make sure to offer our customers a diverse range of vegan and free from products.


We take pride in serving our vegan and vegetarian customers quality products with dependable consistency. Along with our bountiful produce section we offer various vegan products, such as various meat substitutes, delicious dairy-free cheeses, fresh and frozen vegetarian and vegan dishes and other yummy products for a healthy vegan lifestyle.

Are you allergic or intolerant? Make sure to reach for some of our free from food products, such as gluten-free pasta, various milk alternatives from soya, oats or other substances, dairy free products and a variety of organic alternatives.

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So Proud of Our Produce!

With healthy greens, a variety of vegetables, colorful fruits and herbs that can transform any meal, our produce section is the first thing that greets you when you enter our store. We highlight which products are in season, so that you can shop responsibly and shop for maximal freshness.


Do you think I’m ugly? Found a piece of produce that doesn’t meet your standards? If you have found a fruit or a vegetable that you think  isn’t suited for sale, you can simply put it aside in a special container for produce that is past its prime.

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Gotta Keep It Fresh!

Despite our low prices, we cut no corners when it comes to freshness. Our vegetable section is brimming with local produce and our meat selection has a variety of quality meat of impeccable freshness.  Every day we restock our bread and pastry section with fresh products, as we know that there’s nothing that smells better than a loaf of freshly baked bread.  Well, perhaps babies, but we don’t sell those.

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A Loaf of Loveliness!

Indulge in a loaf of a freshly baked bread in our bakery section; which is stocked with a variety of bread, baguettes, buns and croissants. And if you’re in the mood for something sweeter, take a look at the donuts, cakes and pastries that await you, -you probably deserve it after a hard day’s work! The bread and pastry section is restocked daily, to ensure maximum freshness and maximum happiness!

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Good for Your Wallet and Great for the Environment!

Everyone Deserves a Second Chance

Food waste is one of the biggest threats to our planet and we want to do our best to reduce it. That’s why we don’t throw away products with a damaged packaging or that are past the best-by-date if we deem them safe for consumption. Instead, we transparently offer them on a heavily reduced price.  Perhaps you’ll find the perfect base for your dinner tonight and make a bargain?

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You Look Gorgeous!

You truly do! But you still might want to take a look at our cosmetics section in one of our larger stores.  Get a better value for your money and expand your makeup selection without breaking the bank. Why splurge on makeup when you can spend your money on sushi instead?

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Free Fruit for the Little Ones

Shopping with children can be quite stressful, especially if your kid has a growling stomach.  We want your kids to be happy, not “hangry”, so we offer every child a fresh fruit to nibble on whilst shopping.

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Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Waiting in queue is nobody’s favorite thing about grocery shopping.  Most of our stores now offer self-service counters so that you can checkout on your own speed.  An easy system and supportive staff will help you get on your way in no time! Do note that the automatic self-service counters are just as confused about the Icelandic currency as you are, so they only accept cards! Cash is of course still welcomed by our cashiers.


Welcome to Kr.-

This little soup of punctuation and consonants might seem a bit scary to the untrained eye at first, but it’s simply the abbreviation for the word Krónan which you probably already know is the local currency. The Kr.- stores are smaller community versions of Krónan supermarkets, found in some of the picturesque towns and villages around the island. At the Kr.- convenience stores you’ll find all the essentials for a household with the same price tag as in any of our Krónan supermarkets, but additionally a range of other products suitable on the go.

Krónan – Around the Corner

We operate a variety of discount grocery stores around the country, mainly in the capital city and along the South Coast.  Krónan is conveniently located in almost every neighbourhood in the capital area, making it one of the most accessible supermarket chains in Reyjavík. Find the nearest store.

Take a tour around one of our stores